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There is no warranty or guarantee on plant material. Limit of our liability will in no case exceed the original invoice value.


Customer is responsible for inspecting all material and ensuring that all material is loaded accurately at time of pick up. Securing, covering and protecting material are the responsibility of the customer. Material can be tagged for future pick up. We ask that tagged material be picked up within one week.


Claims regarding quantity or quality of plant material must be made at the time of purchase or delivery.


Delivery is available. Delivery charges are established at time of purchase. Customer is responsible for unloading material at time of delivery unless other arrangements have been made. Delivery costs start at a minimum of $75.


Payment is due at time of pick up or delivery unless the customer has an approved credit account.

Regal Prince® Oak - Quercus robur x bicolor 'Long'

PriceFrom $249.95
  • Regal Prince® Oak is tidy, formal and dense with a strong upright crown growth and dominant central leader.   Leaves are bright green and shiny on top and silvery gray underneath, narrower at the base.  They have rounded lobes with a clean fresh appearance through the summer.  Narrow acorns turn lime green and can be quite attractive.  Leaves and acorns eventually turn brown and can hang on through the winter.

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